Police Academy Grants Foundation

Erik Agazim Law Enforcement Charities developed the Police Academy Grants Foundation to provide a portion of financial support to subsidize academy costs and equipment expenses for recruits.  By covering tuition and equipment costs, cadets in the police academy can spend more time focusing on their training and education to become officers who are able to perform at their peak. For this scholarship we are seeking applicants who exhibit good citizenship traits and who display strong moral character and respect for people of all ages, religions, races, and genders.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • A 3.0 (B) Average GPA upon completing the two-year high school component.
  • A 90% attendance rate throughout the high school component.
  • Display a clean driving record.
  • Pass a drug screening.

Please Submit:
-Two letters of recommendation (one from a school official, one from a community leader).
-Current physical (must be from within the last 12 months).
-Copy of student’s driver’s license or state identification card.
-Copy of high school or college transcript for GPA and attendance verification.
-Evidence of financial need via individual or federal tax return from prior two years.

You can download the Police Academy Grants Application below which will give you a broader view of the requirements. You can fill this application out within the document. When finished please email to ______.