Law Enforcement Equipment Grants Foundation

Through our law enforcement equipment grants foundation, agencies can obtain the crucial equipment they need to functionally perform their jobs at the highest level. As a subsidiary of the National Police Ammunition (National Police Ammunition) we have a thorough understanding of the importance of equipment as well as the cost. For that reason we provide funding for a wide variety of needs through our foundation. Equipment such as safety gear, firearms, and specialized SWAT/SRT equipment are provided by our organization to agencies who do not have the budget to purchase items that can enhance the effectiveness of their police officers.

In the application you will find an area for you to introduce your department and speak about your team and your agency’s goals. You will also have space to summarize your reason for your request, whether that be a specific project or a general need, please be thorough in your explanation.

If you believe your department is in need of assistance in purchasing equipment please download the editable PDF application provided below. You can fill out our application on your computer.

Once completed, email to ________. Once we receive your application allow for 6 – 8 weeks for us to review your information. If you are selected for a grant, we will contact you.