Fallen Officers Foundation

The Florida Police Athletic-Activities League For the families of fallen officers, we offer our sincerest prayers and support. We understand the burden that losing a family member on the job can create. For that reason we have partnered with the Police Officer's Assistance Trust (POAT) was created in 1989 and since then has eased the burden for over 700 officers and their families and disbursed more than $5 million in funds. They are supported by fundraising events, local organizations such as Erik Agazim Law Enforcement Charities. Our partnership with POAT means that they will select and review applicants they believe best fit our grant. All applications and inquiries should be directed to them.

Qualifying officers and family members include those injured or disabled in the line of duty, those in need of financial assistance for medical expenses outside of their health insurance coverage, disaster relief victims, officers who have incurred expenses from debilitating illnesses that plague themselves or their immediate family members, the families of officers killed in the line of duty, or any other “catastrophic circumstances where the officer has no means or remedy". More information can be found at the Police Officer's Assistance Trust website.