Scholarships and equipment for cadets attending the police academy.


We provide crucial equipment for under-funded police departments.


Provide support to families of fallen officers.

Erik Agazim Law Enforcement Charities was founded by Erik Agazim in 2018. As the CEO and founder of National Police Ammunition (NPA), Agazim has worked closely with local law enforcement agencies for over 9 years providing lead-free alternative ammunition specifically designed for law enforcement use.  After years of working in this field, Agazim became all too aware of the financial struggles that our brave officers face. From young recruits in the police academy who can’t afford to purchase simple items such as holsters to SWAT operators who don’t have access to proper equipment, he realized that something needed to be done to bridge the gap.

And bridge the gap he did when he founded Erik Agazim Law Enforcement Charities, one of the first foundations of its kind, providing financial support to subsidize academy costs and equipment expenses for recruits, equipment grants for under-funded agencies, and support for the families of fallen officers. On top of its Police Academy Grants Foundation, Erik Agazim LE Charities boosts department morale through its Law Enforcement Equipment Grants Foundation by providing under-funded agencies with the critical equipment and training ammunition they need to be effective at what they do best – keep our streets safe. Lastly, the Fallen Officer Assistance Foundation will provide support for fallen officers and their families by working directly with local police associations.

EALE Charities is directly funded by a portion of Erik Agazim’ s company, NPA, and in addition to its programs, donates $500 to the Miami Dade Police Chiefs Association officer of the month and gives a $1,000 donation to the officer of the year.

Our police officers risk their lives every day, and we will never know the impact of the weight of such a calling, but we can ease the burden of the challenges they face. We are all beneficiaries of the service they provide, and we believe our 3 key foundations demonstrate our gratitude for our heroes in blue in the most practical way possible.

Erik Agazim Law Enforcement Charities is a non-profit founded by Erik Agazim to support law enforcement at every level. We provide merit-based scholarships, equipment grants for departments, and financial assistance for the families of fallen officers.